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Shread Kuyrkendall and Associates is a leader in employing new technology to enhance quality and efficiency.

We utilize Intergraph Microstation with Inroads overlay and Autodesk Map3d with Carlson Survey overlay software to support our design and mapping capabilities.

All of our field survey parties are equipped with Allegro CX and Carlson Mini electronic data collectors/controllers equipped with Carlson Survey Software which communicate with SOKKIA conventional, robotic total stations survey instruments, and RTK GPS to collect topographic and boundary survey data. We are also equipped with SOKKIA GSR2700 ISX dual frequency survey GPS receivers with RTK capability which are utilized to establish project horizontal and vertical control as well as collection of topographic and hydrographic survey data. GPS static observation for control networks is post processed using SOKKIA Spectrum Survey software. Sight Survey Professional Coordinate geometry software by Carlson Software is used in the calculation of project control and boundary survey data. Topographic survey data utilized for design projects is processed in the Microstation or Autodesk environment prior to submittal to the design group.

Our survey and design capabilities are enhanced by the use of recent technology to provide accurate field to finish information for our design group as well as our client�s required needs.