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Ms. Gill has design and management experience in the determination and evaluation of bridge conveyance, digital flood insurance rating maps (DFIRM), water system designs and improvements, pump station design as well as levee, sheet pile, and erosion protection projects. Ms. Gill has extensive experience using HECRAS, HEC HMS, ARCGIS, and other leading edge programs to evaluate Hydrologic and Hydraulic Systems.
More specifically, Ms. Gill has extensive design experience in HECRAS and HEC HMS modeling and calibrating stormwater pump stations for one dimensional steady-flow and unsteady flow simulations. This includes, delineating sub-basins developed for watersheds, that are delineated using LIDAR mapping, sewer and canal GIS mapping, and field investigations. Modeling ineffective flow areas outside the canal banks as storage areas, the storage area volume-elevation curves are determined using LIDAR data and served as overland flow using linear routing as hydraulic connection. Utilizing pump station routines to model pumps of different sizes, capacities and varying on and off elevations to model flow conditions.

This includes modeling historic events using an unsteady state analysis that allows for the consideration of dynamic flow patterns and varying pump operations. The calibration process consisted of matching observed stages throughout the system with the flows at the pump stations for the calibration process. The calibrated models are used as a verification model for sizing pump stations and updating FEMA maps.

Ms. Gill has worked on federal and state projects involving agencies such as LADOTD, local Parishes, the Farmers Home Administration and the LCDBG program. More specifically, some of the examples of projects that Ms. Gill has worked on are:

Modeled and calibrated multiple stormwater pump stations used to update Digital Flood Insurance Rate Maps (DFIRMS) for federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) Flood Insurance Study (FIS) in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana for a cost of approximately $700,000.

Modeled and evaluated bridge conveyance, and drainage structures for Central Thruway in Baton Rouge, Louisiana for a cost of approximately $60 million.

Designed and supervised the installation of a timber bulkhead and pump station mechanical screens in St. Charles Parish, Louisiana for a cost of approximately 1.5 million.

Designed and supervised the installation of over 220,000 ft. of 6� and 8� waterline in the Albany, Louisiana area for a cost of approximately $3.7 million.

Designed and supervised LCDBG Project for the installation of over 2,500 ft. of 6� waterline for fire protection in Clinton, Louisiana for a cost of approximately $120,000.

Administered and supervised CDBG Disaster Recovery Project for Generators in Albany, Louisiana for a cost of approximately $100,000.

Currently, Project Manager/Engineer for the repainting and rehabilitation of a 75,000 gallon elevated water tower located in Holden, Louisiana.

Currently, the administrator and engineer for LCDBG Sewer System Improvements for Albany, Louisiana for a cost of approximately $800,000