Harshad Dave

Senior Designer: Aviation, Transportation, and Hydrology

Mr. Dave received his B.S. in Civil Engineering in 1973 and since then he has accumulated over 40 years of experience in design and construction of airports and their facilities, rural and urban roadways, drainage improvments, sanitary sewer systems, and site development.

Mr. Dave's experience in the area of general aviation facility projects includes airport master plans which require a thorough knowledge of established FAA and Department of Transportation and Development standards necessary to coordinate preliminary and final plans and specifications as well as construction coordination for the airport projects. His work as project manager includes supervision of engineering staff, developing plans and specifications for projects of various complexities, assisting owners to award contracts as per FAA and LADOTD guidelines, conducting pre Construction meetings, approving Construction schedules, Construction management of projects, weekly site visits, approving contractor’s invoices, final inspections, and closing out projects.

Recent projects Mr. Dave has worked on are:

  • The Pecue Lane Interchange with I-10.  Mr. Dave established graphical grades for the Diverging Diamond configuration crossing I-10.  He also designed the urban drainage system for the roadway section and assisted with the QC/QA for the entire project.
  • La 964 Bridge crossing the Comite Diversion Canal.  Mr. Dave designed the roadway and approaches to the bridge, established the canal within the reach of this project, and provided QC/QA over the entire project.
  • Baton Rouge Metro Airport Cell Lot and Viewing Area.  Located on the southwest corner of the airport, Mr. Dave designed a parking area for buses and a waiting area for those picking up passengers.  In addtion, he designed viewing area for schools and the public with stained pavement and ornamental railing for access to viewing.